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01. What is the difference between free and premium account?

Posting ads on MyAdsInn is totally free, however, the premium features enable you to get more responses to your ad from the users, because a premium classified is optimized and when the users enter their required query in search bar, they see that ad on the top. Besides, using a premium account, you get an opportunity to post your ads from as many locations as you need. This makes the ad, reachable to maximum people around the world.

02.How do you ensure the protection of email ID from Spam?

With MyAdsInn, your personal data is secured and safe. We do not display it on the website and if we need to use it for marketing objectives, we get your permission first. Users will respond you through the contact form. So, your email ID remains protected. Besides, our encryption techniques have a complete control over the spam. It is recommended not to use your email ID or contact number in the ad. If you provide it in the classified, MyAdsInn will not be liable for that.

03. Why there is an error sometimes while posting free online advertising?

Sometimes, there is an error in posting an ad. This is because of the several reasons. Follow the prescribed terms and conditions of the website and do not violate any. If your location is different from what you are entering, posting your ad will give error. Sometimes, you do not get the confirmation email, in this case, it is advised to check your spam. If you upload a photo with very large or too small size, blur image or in unacceptable format, your ad will give an error. If you are facing trouble in entering captcha and it is rejected, enable cookies on the browser and run JavaScript. Changing the browser in such case may also solve the issue. If some other problem arises, feel free to contact us with the ad ID and link. We will resolve your issue promptly.

04.What if there is a fraud in an ad or the transaction goes bad?

When you are going to sell your product or purchase any used item from a person, beware of the frauds. Report to us immediately so that we may remove their ad. Follow the safety tips given on the website and be in touch with the client directly after when the ad is posted and a response is received. Report about the fraud to the police and concerned authorities as well.

05.Does MyAdsInn act as a mediation between the seller and customer?

No, MyAdsInn has provided you a platform for the sale and purchase of items. It does not act as a mediation between the seller and the customer in any transaction. There is no involvement of our team in the successful completion of the transaction. The verification and all types of checks and risks are on your own. Contact each other directly. If your item is sold out or shopped successfully, we do not get any kind of commission against it.

06.What is the way to know about the number of views, an ad has?

This information can be seen in your MyAdsInn account. Login to our website and go to My Ads link. There will be necessary information related to your advertisement over there. The expiry date and number of views can be checked there easily.

07.What is the feature of My Favorite Ads about?

Through this feature, you can save all the ads you like and want to see later. This is absolutely free and helps you view your favorite ads any time from the list of My Favorite Ads. When you hit ‘Save’ option on the page of the classified, it will automatically reach the list of your favorite ads.

08.What if I forget the password of my account?

If you are using your account after a few months or you have forgotten the password of MyAdsInn account, do not worry. Click on the option of “Forgot password”, you will be directed to provide your login ID or user name and then, you will be able to reset your password. Next time, your new password will work.

09.How to delete an account on MyAdsInn?

If you are done with your task and want to delete your account on MyAdsInn, you can. Simply provide the login credentials and access the My Ads page. First delete all the advertisements posted by you and then, place your mouse on the settings menu. There, you will find the option of deleting the account. Your data will be removed from the site.

10.Can I post MyAdsInn classified on Facebook as well?

Yes, there is an option of share on our website. First login to your MyAdsInn account and visit the Edit Profile page. There, you will see Facebook icon. Click on the grant permission option. You will have to provide the Facebook account login information and choose who can see your MyAdsInn classified on Facebook. Next time, whenever you will post a new ad, an option will appear as post your ad on Facebook automatically.

11.How can I use the tab of “My Messages”?

My Messages is the link on your account through which you can see your old and new conversation with the users. You can also attach a PDF file or a photo while replying to a customer. If you want that your message goes anonymously, you can. We do not display your email ID. When your message is sent successfully, you see one check mark, on its successful delivery, you will find a double check mark and when the user has read your message, you will see 2 check marks in blue.

12.What if a message is offensive or abusive?

If some message is offensive or abusive, you can report it as spam and immediately block the user. There is no separate tab for the inbox and sent items. You will send and receive messages in the same tab.



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