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About Us

Advertising is the emergent need for every business and sometimes, you have to sell a used item, but you do not know where to get the buyers for that. Similarly, if you want to hire some workers for a specific job and you are not in a position to spend on advertisements. So keeping in view your problems like that, MyAdsInn has launched a website that invites you to post ad free. You have to make an account and after login, you can publish online classifieds from any corner of the world. There is an option of premium account that offers extra features. No unauthorized person can access your account and send and receive messages from the users to discuss about the selling terms. We have also developed a mobile app for our users that is adjustable to multiple screen sizes. Post free ads and approach the targeted customers quickly.

MyAdsInn, the Right Choice for Posting Ad Free!

MyAdsInn is a free ads website run by a Lahore based company, “The Mind Gauge”. Feel free to search for your required advertisements and if you want to post your own ad free of cost, we say you welcome for that. We have set a wide range of categories so that anyone can pick the concerned head and post free classified ads. It is handier than the newspaper ads. Shortly, you will get response from people and your will get the results beyond your expectations.

Why MyAdsInn?

The number of users at our website is rising exponentially, but what is the secret behind this success? Go through the following features and know, what distinguishes MyAdsInn from the other free advertising sites.

With MyAdsInn, There is No Hidden Fee!

Whether you want to post free ad for selling a product, electronics, pets or you need to advertise for your real estate buildings or you are going to offer some kind of job, advertisement is totally free. With MyAdsInn, there are no hidden charges for adding more classifieds, deleting any ad or editing an ad. However, with the premium option, you can avail extra features, e.g. post ad from different locations using a single account, etc.

Simple Steps to Post Free Ad!

There are a few simple steps to post free online classifieds. First of all, you have to get registered on MyAdsInn and after signing in, you will select the category and fill an easy form that contains the details of your ad. Upload the most recent photo of your product/service or website in order to show the clear and actual position of your item. It is necessary to provide the correct contact number while posting an ad on our website. People will be able to contact you free of cost as soon as your ad is published after the formal proceeding. We make the ad live for 2 months.

Ads are not Location Bound!

At MyAdsInn, your classifieds are not location bound. We invite you to post local ads, national or international ads sitting anywhere in the world. You just have to enter the location in the search bar or choose the auto-find option. Your IP info is traced on our website, so your location will be discovered automatically. Other ways are to select the city from the given dropdown or the regional map.

Help Desk at MyAdsInn!

MyAdsInn responds to the queries immediately. If you have any issue regarding your ad, you can fill the form given in the help desk and directly send us your query, but it is recommended to save the ID and link of your ad so that we may be able to track the ad promptly.

Through Our Mobile App, Post Ad from Any Device!
It’s Easy, It’s Need!

MyAdsInn understands your requirements and to facilitate you more, not only the website is device friendly, but also we have designed a mobile application. It is compatible with Android, Mac and Windows and available on the Google Playstore as well as Apple or Windows Store. Whether you are using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop, using our app, you can post free classifieds through simple clicks, and when a person contacts you in response, you can conveniently get the notification and reply back right away.

Registration for Secure Account and Credibility!

The registration is free and it makes your account secure so that you use the same account for every ad and send messages to the users with an ID. Your registration date appears with the ad and it shows your credibility on the website. If you are facing problems in signing in, contact us with the necessary information.

Adding Links is Allowed!

There are a number of websites that offer free ads, but most of them do not allow to add HTML tag, email or URL of website, but MyAdsInn contains this feature subject to terms and conditions. The ad should be explanatory, not merely a site link, similarly, you cannot refer to some other classified website for any purpose.

Become a Partner of MyAdsInn!

If you have to post thousands of ads on our website, we invite you to become a partner of MyAdsInn. Being a partner allows you to upload as many ads as you need. The format for the ad file is XML or CSV. For further information about our website, you can visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). We have a reviewer staff that reviews all the ads before publishing on the site. When you receive a notification/confirmation email that your ad has been submitted successfully, go to the link and recheck the provided information is accurate or not.

Schedule Multiple Ad Postings Automatically!

Posting free ads was not as facilitative as with the MyAdsInn. For your ease, we have added a feature namely XML feed through which you can schedule multiple MyAdsInn advertisements on several websites automatically. We will review the XML feed and help you how to go for it further.

Renew Your Ad After Expiry!

When 2 months are passed, your ad automatically expires, but you do not have to post a new advertisement again. Just go to your control panel by accessing your MyAdsInn account and open the listed ads. Just edit the expired ad and update it according to the end date. Thus, renewal of free online advertising gives you more chances of success without any hassle.

Regular Checking of Ads by our Team!

Our team regularly checks the ads and its validity. If an ad does not measure up to the terms and conditions of the website, is reported as spam, found illegal or flag as inappropriate, we simply remove it and send an email of rejection to the concerned person. Always make sure, your classified is posted in the exact category, otherwise, sooner or later it will be removed.
Though our team has a regular check on all the accounts, but in the presence of so many ads a day, some ads may be skipped. So, you too are requested to report freely, if some advertisement is found abusive, illegal or misplaced.

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